A picture of an egg becomes the most-liked Instagram post ever

The photo comes from the ‘Egg Gang’ account, aptly named ‘world_record_egg,’ which currently has just one post and 3.1 million followers. The image was posted with the sole aim of beating the previous most-liked Instagram picture: Kylie Jenner’s newborn daughter holding her mother’s finger. Jenner’s post also announced the baby’s…

Intel’s ongoing search for a CEO may place diversity as top priority

After running former CEO Brian Krzanich out of town over an affair with an employee, Intel has been running under interim leader and CFO Bob Swan. Mr. Swan has repeatedly denied any interest in taking up the position of CEO full time. As the search for a leader continues, there…

AMD boss says it is working on “important” ray tracing tech, shoots back at Nvidia

Back in November, AMD’s Senior Vice President of Engineering, David Wang, said it would “definitely respond to DirectX Ray Tracing (DXR).” During a roundtable interview at CES, transcribed by PC World, Su confirmed AMD wasn’t going to be left behind when it came to implementing the tech.

Samsung is going on the offensive against Chinese rivals in India with the Galaxy M series

In wake of weak fourth quarter results, Samsung is already aiming to rebound and combat sales lost to low cost Chinese rivals. Samsung’s new Galaxy M series expected to contain three models has appeared on Amazon India to cater to markets desiring mid-range hardware at affordable prices.

Analyst says global smartphone production will hit lowest level in six years

As reported by Business Insider, Credit Suisse wrote in a note to clients that global smartphone production is in free-fall, with the “bottom not yet in sight.” For the final three months of 2018, it has revised production forecasts to 357 million units—a quarterly decline of 3 percent. It predicts…